How to Organise a Demo

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If a “Trident No More” Demo is not yet listed in your town or city why not organise one?  It only takes a few people with placards or a banner to create an event.

Portree posterThe main things to do are:
  •  identify a location and let us know where that is. Contact us using the webform here.
  • Chase up some local people and ask them to come to the demo. Contact friends or people through your networks, faith communities, trade unions …
  • Post details of location and time on the Facebook event page.
  • You can also create your own local Facebook event
  • Print out or make some placards by hand and a banner if someone can bring one.
  • There are graphics available to download for posters placards, leaflets and social media are here.
  • trident-no-more-posterIf possible contact local media.  To Download an editable Template Press Release click here. Don’t take the model too seriously – but contacting local press and broadcasters in advance makes a lot of sense. It also helps to fix any local connection to the issue, such as being on a convoy route, having a nuke base close by, what your MP is like on the issue, links to the Yes campaign etc.
  • Or you can just ring up your local paper or radio station to a let them know the demo is one of manyTridentNoMore demos taking place across Scotland prior to the vote scheduled for Monday on Trident Replacement.
  • Talking points for talking to the media will be available here later this week.
  •  If you want help or advice contact us  or via the Facebook event page here. Or via the webform here.

Trident No More - Grey SubAnd please be sure to let us know about your plans.

For anyone who has ever opposed nuclear weapons this is a crucial moment to stand up and be counted as opposing Theresa May’s plan to base nuclear weapons in Scotland for 50 more years.