Thousands Hit the Streets in Trident No More Rallies  


IslayToday, in demonstations coordinated by the Scrap Trident Coalition, thousands of people gathered in 37 locoations across Scotland to make their opposition to Trident renewal known before the House of Commons votes on Monday on the UK government’s plan to renew and modernise the nuclear weapon system.

dumfries tnm crowdAs well as large gatherings in Edinburgh and Glasgow, there were demonstrations in Ayr, Biggar, Bowmore (Islay) and Clydebank. They came together in Cromarty, Dumbarton, Dumfries and Dundee.



They assembled in East Kilbride, Helensburgh, Hamilton, Invernessand Kelty. People protested in Kilmarnock, Largs, Linlithgow and Melrose.

Stirling tnmThey gathered. To say Trident No More in North Berwick, Paisley, Peebles, Penicuik, Perth, Portree, Stirling, Stornoway, Ullapool and Wick.

Edinburgh demo tnmPeople gathered at three locations in Edinburgh, and in the rain in Portree and Sornoway. A full list of the 37 demos with links to their Facebook pages is here.

Glasgow big crowdThe vote on Trident renewal was announced late last Saturday and will be the first major act of Theresa May’s new government.

David Mackenzie said:

Dumbarton tnm demoThe fact that so many people in so many places have been ready and willing to take to the streets after only a few day’s notice is so heartening.

The gatherings have been hugely varied in their nature, full of colour, sharp wit and good humour, showing the breadth and depth of the opposition to Trident”

Fort William tnm demoA vote for Trident renewal in the UK parliament on Monday is close to inevitable unless a big number of those Labour and even Tory MPs who are uneasy about it find their courage and vote it down.

CromartyThe struggle will continue and it is clear that the question of how to rid Scotland, and the whole of the UK, of the scourge of  nuclear weapons, will be continue to be a huge issue.

Ayr tnm demoYet our focus has to be broader than the nasty behaviour of one little nuclear weapon state.

Hamilton say scraptrident tnmOut there in the big world 127 nations have already signed the Humanitarian Pledge to do what they can to stigmatise, ban and eliminate nuclear weapons [1] and in August the UN disarmament negotiations continue with early work on a global nuclear ban the likely outcome[2].

Here in Scotland we must align ourselves enthusiastically with that worldwide movement.

Dumfires BnB mum & daughterTim at windy Largs said: “We are delighted that over 50 people have gathered here at very short notice, folk of all ages, not to mention a few dogs.

LargsWe are here to show our anger at the plans to renew Trident. We have had poetry and have signed a pledge to continue the struggle. It’s not over.”

Bill kidd glasgow tnm demoIn Cromarty, where the vigil was called by Cromarty Peace Group, which campaigns against all forms of violence, Sandy Thomson said:

“We felt we had to get out to show our opposition to the Trident plan. We had a good representation here, including former Moderator of the Church of Scotland Alan McDonald. We also had two minutes of silent reflection for the victims of the violence in Nice and Turkey.”Aberdeen jill

On Twitter from the Edinburgh demo, where around five hundred people gathered, Tommy Sheppard MP said: “Bowled over by the turnout at Edinburgh demo. Pleased to stand with the people.”

Biggar smiles all roundA number of other SNP MPs joined demos pledging to speak out strongly and vote against Trident on Monday.

Helensburgh Greens were also well represented in numerous locations as were Yes groups, Women for Indy and Scottish CND groups.

This was one of the biggest public demonstrations in Scotland for many years, showing just how people outraged people feel about this ghastly business.”

There are more photos in the galleries.
Portree BnB umbrellas tnm demo