Working together during the Blockade

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Ideally, everyone taking part in or supporting the blockade should be in an affinity group of 6 -12 people who will support each other throughout the action and beyond. Affinity groups include people taking part in arrestable action as well as individuals who perform support roles, such as legal observer and media support. (We’ll go through what these roles entail in the Support Role section). We’re calling for self-sufficient affinity groups to make plans for the blockade. This will help the blockade be successful, and ensure everyone is included and safe. If you know some people who’d like to form an affinity group to prepare prior to the blockade but would like more information or advice please contact us to arrange a free NVDA training workshop. Email

If you’re not part of an affinity group, and can’t form one before the blockade, please try to be at the NVDA workshop in Glasgow on Sunday 12th April, where you can join a group.


Your affinity group could have someone designated to look after the group’s wellbeing, e.g. by minding the belongings of those who are getting arrested, making sure those locked-on are warm and have food and water, and keeping up the morale of the group by providing hot drinks, massages, a friendly chat and encouragement.

Quick Consensus

Not everything on the day will go exactly as planned. Through affinity groups, large numbers of people at the blockade can make fast decisions if circumstances change, e.g. to move gates if it looks like the blockade of another gate is about to be broken. Work out in advance which member of your affinity group can facilitate quick consensus if the need arises and practise quick consensus decision making if you can. We will cover all of these roles and practice things like quick consensus during the training on Sunday 12th.

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