The Plan

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The morning-shift enters the base between 7am and 9am. We will start the blockade at the North Gate, South Gate and Oil Depot gates at 7am to prevent the workers entering and stay until 3pm.

Most of us will arrive on buses from the Kinning Park Convergence Centre and elsewhere in Glasgow or other cities. Book your place on a Bus Here. Some affinity groups may arrive independently, or later. Groups arranging to arrive later can reinvigorate the blockade if previous blockaders have been arrested. We would like to keep the blockade going until 3pm by which time any shift workers will have given up and gone home for the day.  However, once the blockade has begun traffic will be backed up so this should be taken into account (see Getting to the Blockade Here).

Dancing blockadeWe hope there will be a festival atmosphere at the gates, with music, creative costumes, lock-ons and diverse blockading techniques, so a fun day will be had by all. The South gate in particular will have a samba band and possibly a sound system. Usually, all those blocking the entrances to the base are arrested, but on one occasion previously the police left everyone on the road all day and no arrests were made. We don’t know how the police will handle this and you should be prepared for both scenarios. Come prepared to stay for as long as you can so we can keep the base shut down for as long as possible. Normally anyone staying on the pavement and off the road near the gate will not be arrested.