Non-Violent Direct Action Workshops

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We ask that everyone planning to take part in or support the blockade take part in a direct action workshop either at the Kinning Park Convergence Centre on Sunday 12th April or at a training in your local area, if at all possible, even if you have taken part in nvda training before. We will cover our non-violence guidelines, passive resistance, practicalities (such as what to wear), blockading techniques, the arrest process, legal follow up and affinity group formation.

You will have ample opportunity to ask about any concerns. By the end of the workshop you’ll know what to expect during the blockade and feel part of a group who will know what they want to do and who will look after one another and have a great time. Even if you do not plan to be “arrestable” or in a support role during the blockade you are welcome to take part in the training. Everyone is welcome and there will be no pressure on anyone to do anything they are not comfortable with.