Big Welcome for Holyrood Motion Supporting Global Nuclear Weapons Ban at UN

SCOTTISH SCRAP TRIDENT COALITION      Press Release 14th October 2016

Big Welcome for Holyrood Motion Supporting Global Nuclear Weapons Ban
Scottish anti-Trident campaigners have given a warm welcome to the motion tabled at the Scottish Parliament which backs the majority of UN nations in their proposal for a conference on a global nuclear weapon ban to begin next year.

The background to the motion is the developing international movement for a global ban on nuclear weapons. In August a UN working group proposed that a UN conference to set up a global ban treaty should take place next year. This proposal is right now being discussed at the UN First Committee leading to a General Assembly vote at the end of this month or early in December. The nuclear-armed states (including the UK,) are trying to block the proposal, which is supported by the vast majority of the nations of the world.

For the Coalition David Mackenzie said:
“This motion, as it acquires wide MSP support, will make it clearer than ever that Scotland does not accept the UK’s determination to remain a nuclear-armed state and instead is completely behind the the proposal for a global ban.

If there was ever any doubt that such a ban is required the ongoing aggressive posturing between the Russian Federation and the Western states surely dispels it. It is the abject failure of the big powers to dismantle their nuclear arsenals at the end of the Cold War that means that at the back of any major conflict there lies the threat of a nuclear catastrophe that would affect the whole world.

We want to align ourselves with the growing global ban movement while Westminster wants to wreck it. We are therefore calling on all MSPs to back the motion, as a clear expression of Scotland’s refusal to collude with the intransigence of the nuclear-armed states. “

Contact: David Mackenzie 07876593016 Jane Tallents 07778267833

Contact your MSP and ask them to sign this motion.