Big Scrap Trident Skillshare Workshops

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Outlawing nuclear weapons worldwide
Nuclear weapons could wipe out life on earth, so how can they be outlawed? A global ban could fill the gap! It needs public pressure and political leadership to succeed. 119 nations are already committed. What can Scotland say and do to help?

Nukewatch – tracking nuclear bombs on our roads
Warheads are transported between the factory where they are made near Reading and the armaments depot at Coulport – just over the hill from Faslane. Find out how for over 30 years Nukewatch has been tracking the convoys carrying this deadly cargo on a road near you!.

Political campaigning & divestment
Share ideas & experience on challenging our politicians – even the ones who agree with us! Many of our banks hold investments in companies that manufacture nuclear weapons. Find out about campaigning in Scotland for financial institutions to pull the plug on manufacturing weapons of mass destruction.

Faith based activism & resistance
A discussion on why we oppose weapons of mass destruction and why we choose the causes we do. What is our motivation and how does that play out in our activism?  Examples of Christian witness will be looked at together with other faith based action.

Presenting the arguments – how to talk about Trident
Why do you want rid of Trident? How can you get your point across to people you meet? This workshop will offer a fun, relaxed and safe space to try things out. We have lots of suggestions and experience to share.

What about the jobs and alternative employment?
Examine the case for a Defence Diversification Agency. How can  resources saved from Scrapping Trident be used to develop sustainable jobs and improve public services?. Share ideas of how to effectively campaign for a properly funded Defence Diversification Agency.

Short intro to Nonviolent direct action.
Hundreds of people have taken action against nuclear weapons at Faslane and beyond over many years. Why do they do it and how? And what happens next? Find out more about challenging Trident by getting in the way!

Creative campaigning – Making your message visible
From simple banners & placards to big puppets and giant submarines, come and share ideas for catching people’s attention and engaging them on the street. Look at spreading the message further with social media.

All workshops will be run once on each skillshare day. There will be four sessions where you can choose between two options.